EYSA and citizens

.Smartcity. Smartcitizen.

EYSA aims to contribute to improving citizens’ quality of life, through the innovative use of technology and environmental sustainability. We have a range of initiatives in place in this regard to make the city of the 21st Century a better place:


Allows any user to look for a parking space, in both regulated areas and public private car parks. Parking really is just a click away with elparking.com. Your smartphone will guide you to your chosen space, with the option of hourly, pre-booked or subscriber parking, while also handling the payment. The app, developed using the novel Parkingdoor technology, already has over 1.350,000 users in more than 90 cities, and serves seven million people.


Parkingdoor is the technology used by elparking.com, allowing a device that connects to the application by Bluetooth to open the barriers at those car parks where it has been implemented.

Available for iOS, Android and smartwatches, the technology can open car park gates without the need to use traditional methods.

Parkingdoor also provides the ability to allow friends, relatives or tenants to enter. Entry and exit permissions can be permanent, or otherwise established by our, day or week. All with the highest levels of security applicable to current communication protocols.


Imbric is the MaaS Platform from EYSA.

Your integrated mobility app:

all public transport services and parking together: taxi, on street and off street parking, public transport, shared services…all under one single app