About us

.Mission, vision and values.

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    Cooperate in the development of the city of the future, based on technology.

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    Lead mobility services to connect cities and citizens

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    At EYSA we are committed to using the most innovative technologies. We create sound projects through agile and effective adaptation to change.


    With more than 40 years of experience, we are still eager to learn. Our operational focus is continuous improvement in our processes and products.


    We place our professionalism and innovative capacity at the service of cities and their citizens.

.Our history.

Since 1976, we have fulfilled so many goals and dreams. Some of our most significant milestones:


First private concession award of an ORA-regulated on-street parking contract in the city of Alicante.


Award of the first ORA contract of major importance in the city of Bilbao (20,000 regulated parking spaces). First implementation of a computer system for processing penalty notices.


With our own engineering, we set up the first centralized parking meter management system in the city of Getxo.


Estacionamientos y Servicios becomes a leading player in Madrid City Hall with the development of a pioneering computer application for the electronic processing of penalty notices using a PDA device.


EYSA is awarded the contract to supply and maintain the hardware and software needed for mobility agents in Madrid to process penalty notices.


We develop an integrated technological offering for regulated parking control, vehicle identification through mobile vehicle number plate recognition, and resident control using RFID technology.


The city of Seville awards us the contract to manage its traffic control installations, while Madrid once again entrusts the integrated sustainable mobility contract for the city to us.


.Certifications and references.

Our aim is to improve the efficiency of cities and to minimize the environmental impact of vehicles. To this end, we employ sustainable initiatives that improve standards of mobility and reduce levels of congestion and atmospheric and noise pollution. As a result, EYSA holds the highest certification there is in accordance with ISO regulations in each of these areas.

.Safety at work.

EYSA has in place an Integrated Occupational Risk Prevention Management System, and is certified in accordance with Occupational Risk Prevention standard OHSAS 18001.


We hold ISO 9001:2008 certification, the reference standard for Quality and Continuous Quality Management, established by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).


EYSA holds ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System certification, as established by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

.Seguridad de la Información.

EYSA holds Spanish National security Schema certification (ENS). This certification demonstrates fulfillment of Real Decreto 3/2010.

.Corporate Social Responsibility.

The EYSA CSR policy is the reference framework on the basis of which we develop and foster socially responsible behaviour with our stakeholders. Our goal is to contribute to improved citizen well-being, to promote socio-economic development and create sustainable value for society and cities.

.Good governance and transparency.

EYSA has, since it was first founded, maintained a firm commitment to dependability and transparency before citizens and institutions. The company undertakes to perform all its actions in accordance with the fundamental principles of ethics, integrity and professionalism.


We aim to help improve society wherever EYSA operates, and so support the integration of groups at risk of exclusion.


EYSA combines its business plans with the protection of the environment. Our main goal is the development of innovative projects that will guarantee the concept of sustainability in each of the company’s activities, and all the services we provide to our clients.

.Suppliers and clients.

At EYSA we nurture and promote fluid communication and relations with our clients and suppliers, to offer effective, cutting-edge solutions, respecting the law and fulfilment of human and employment rights throughout the supply chain.


At EYSA we are dedicated to promoting the professional and personal development of all our employees, guaranteeing equal opportunities both in the selection process and in access to internal promotion.

All actions by EYSA and its employees will scrupulously respect the Human Rights and Public Freedoms set out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.