.We are a leading global provider of smart mobility services to the smart cities of the 21st century.

With aproximately 200 city contracts in operation underpinned by propietary technology, know-how and service capability, we deliver integrated mobility solutions for cities and citizens to improve their quality of life and helping to reduce traffic and pollution


.An innovative and sustainable vision.

We act in accordance with our vision of what a 21st-century city should be, based on our deep knowledge and innovative approach and true to sustainability values.

Technology and innovation at the service of cities and their citizens to achieve the goals of modernizing city mobility

.EYSA and cities.

Underpinned by our cloud-based IOT Data Analytics platform, ParkXplorer, we partner with cities to deliver smart mobility solutions

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.EYSA and citizens.

EYSA aims to contribute to improving citizens’ quality of life by providing intuitive mobile services that server multi-modal mobility solutions to address citizen mobility needs


EYSA is innovation. We are firmly committed to the use of the most innovative technologies, to address the mobility needs of cities and citizens. On of our distinctive differentiators is our propietary mobility platform ParkXplorer which enables effective and dynamic management in real time of smart mobility services

The key element that enables the deployment of smart mobility services is real-time control, which is only possible with technology that can instantly integrate and syncronize all urban mobility services. EYSA has invested over the last 10 years to develop and deliver this capability to its customers