EYSA and cities

.Urban Mobility Control.

.EYSA On Street.

Parking on the public roadway is a key element of urban management, something that we at EYSA know full well. We have been working with cities for nearly half a century to improve mobility by pursuing at all times the best and most innovative use of available parking inventory.

Which is why we are now leaders in the management of regulated on-street parking contracts, with more than 170,000 spaces across 90 cities.

EYSA On Street also includes optimized management of special parking spaces, loading and offloading areas and resident management.

.EYSA Off Street.

At EYSA we have lengthy experience in the operation of public and private underground car parks. We currently manage more than 13,000 parking spaces, through sale, subscription and hourly usage arrangements.

We also manage dissuasive car parks that encourage the use of public transport, avoid traffic jams at the entrance to the metropolitan area and help improve air quality, avoiding the abusive use of the car. All in a transparent way for travelers as integrated service in with transport passes.

The technological innovation that characterizes all our company’s services is vital for optimal car park management. Which is why we develop our own solutions for central operation.


Immobilization, withdrawal and deposit of vehicles.
Processing of sanctions.
Management of public revenue.
Management and organization of micromobility and the use of the sidewalk (curbside).

.Traffic, Access Control and Road Safety.

We develop and implement projects in traffic, access control and road safety.

Our own capabilities in technology allow us to offer our clients turnkey solutions.

Our strategic agreements with internationally first class technology partners make EYSA a trusted technology provider.

.Parking Management by EYSA.

Our company is engaged in mobility-related activities in cities and our main goal has always been to collaborate with City Halls to find solutions for the major mobility problems. Learn more about us!

.Success cases in Spain.

Among the principal contracts managed by EYSA are the cities of Madrid, San Sebastián, Gijón, Murcia, Oviedo or Burgos and recently Bilbao. Download our city fact sheets now for further information!